Around the coast of Tresco

Tresco is the second largest island in the Isles of Scilly archipelago.  It measures approximately 2½ x 1 miles and has a resident population of 180.  This figure increases dramatically during the tourist season.  The island is primarily a holiday resort with many timeshare properties.  Cruise liners bring large numbers of visitors to visit the famous Gardens.  It is a car-free island.  Essential transport is provided by farm tractors and passenger trailers plus a few golf buggies for the disabled and elderly.

The attractions of Tresco are its natural beauty and its mild climate.  The southern half of the island is fringed by idyllic beaches of white sand.  The northern half comprises heathland and a rugged coast.

Isolated landmarks, such as Cromwell’s Castle (pictured below), Charles’ Castle and the Block House are reminders of the Island’s strategic importance in British history.


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  1. How I’d love to be there!

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