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Sunlight on the fish pond

A beautiful sunny morning.  The water lilies stretching into life.  The goldfish joyfully darting to and fro, enjoying the warmer feel of the water.  What more could one wish?



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Around the flower garden in early June

Many of the plants in the flower borders seem to have been completely disorientated by the cold, wet Spring.  Several that should be in full bloom  –  for instance, roses and poppies  –  are still in bud, or are only just coming into flower.  Nevertheless, there are some attractive pockets of colour, as the following selection confirm:


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Evening backlighting

Today has been very showery, but now  –   in the early evening, and almost too late  –   the sun is having a final fling and is creating a glorious backlighting illumination of the trees in the sheep field.

Please click the  image to enlarge.


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Smoke-free zone

These chimneys surmount a group of farm labourers’ cottages built in the mid-nineteenth century.  The chimneys have long since outlived their original purpose, but in a simple way they record a slice of social history   –   the evolving style; the changing fashion in chimney pot design; the addition of a TV aerial (and on a neighbouring chimney a satellite dish).  As a straight photo this was a singularly uninteresting scene, but I feel that the stylized interpretation has impact, transforming the photo into a picture.


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Wet! Wet! Wet!

It was a frustrating morning  –  there were so many things I needed to do in the garden before Open Garden Day.  But there were compensations.  The trickles of rain on the window pane diffused the colours and shapes in the flower bed and created delightful, pastel abstract patterns.


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Abstract 156


June 5, 2013 · 9:00 am

ArtParkS Sculpture Park (2)

Further photos from the Guernsey sculpture park:

‘Mischief’   –   David Goode

‘The Golden Apple’   –   Alan Biggs

‘Silence’   –   Martin Debenham

‘A Summer’s Day’   –   Christa Hunter

‘Pastoral Dance’   –  Aragorn Dick-Read

[A fireball, designed to be shown with
flames leaping through the gaps]

More details are available from the ArtParkS site.


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