Sketches of churches in Ibiza

The white churches of Ibiza seem best suited to black and white photography and, indeed, invite varied interpretations even within the monochrome medium.   (See also Church Entrances. Ibiza)


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8 responses to “Sketches of churches in Ibiza

  1. Great processing! The first one makes for an intriguing image; the shades of grey and the arches work really well. The second image appeals to me on a more emotional level. There’s something about it that’s plucking a string back in a forgotten past – I just can’t quite bring it to mind ….

    • Thanks Noeline. All of the images were originally shot in colour, but I have always been so fascinated with the churches that somehow the straight representation seems inadequate and seldom conveys what I feel – hence the use of b&w and the experimentation.

  2. That’s great graphic work!

  3. those are all great! it’s hard to pick a favorite; i liked the first, then the second, then the third, then back to the first for another peek – yes, strong/interesting.. then the third – yes, interesting perspective… then back to the second ….. ah, thanks for the nice post!

    • Thanks z. I’m pleased you like them and return to them. I too have returned to them many, many times and have struggled with many styles of interpretation.

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