Smoke-free zone

These chimneys surmount a group of farm labourers’ cottages built in the mid-nineteenth century.  The chimneys have long since outlived their original purpose, but in a simple way they record a slice of social history   –   the evolving style; the changing fashion in chimney pot design; the addition of a TV aerial (and on a neighbouring chimney a satellite dish).  As a straight photo this was a singularly uninteresting scene, but I feel that the stylized interpretation has impact, transforming the photo into a picture.


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8 responses to “Smoke-free zone

  1. I agree! It’s a very strong image done this way.

  2. Anonymous

    Reminds me of oh-so-familiar chimneys of my childhood! The sort of things that, as kids, you really notice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Noeline Smith

    Your treatment has certainly elevated this scene by enhancing the textures, shapes and colours. Nice touch of imagination and creativity!

  4. Many thanks Noeline. I look out on these chimneys everyday. I felt they were in need of a little imaginative TLC!!

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