Wet! Wet! Wet!

It was a frustrating morning  –  there were so many things I needed to do in the garden before Open Garden Day.  But there were compensations.  The trickles of rain on the window pane diffused the colours and shapes in the flower bed and created delightful, pastel abstract patterns.


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11 responses to “Wet! Wet! Wet!

  1. Here as well! You’ve made beauty from your rainy day Louis.

  2. The combinations of pastel colours and raindrops trickling down the glass makes for some beautiful abstraction. Beautiful, Louis.

  3. I love these – really beautiful. They do somehow wrap up the essence of the spring garden. I hope you have a great Open Garden Day, and wish I could be there. Please post pictures of your garden!

    • Many thanks Lynn. It’s been a very busy and very well supported weekend. The disappointing aspect has been that because of the wretched weather we have had throughout Spring, many plants are still in bud rather than in bloom. I will try and produce a few pictures in due course.

      • Ah well, buds are pretty too. It’s hard to set these dates a year in advance and then expect everything to be perfect. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves (including you) and gave you lots of compliments!

  4. Anonymous

    Just lovely!

  5. There is something magical about these photos.

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