More Pond Images

It is interesting to compare the black and white images below with the colour image, Pond Abstract, posted recently.  All of the shots were taken within seconds of each other.  It seems to me that the monochrome pictures convey a sense of energy and movement, which is the essence of these photos.  The colour image, I find more static but with  a strong ‘pattern’ interrelationship between shapes and colours.



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8 responses to “More Pond Images

  1. Each bubble ‘an instant in time’ like these a lot Louis.
    Well made.


  2. I like these even better Louis. The first image has it all.

  3. I agree with your analysis, and these are full of life.

  4. This IS interesting! My gut reaction is that the colour image should have more energy – but that’s plainly not true! I wonder if it’s because, with the colour stripped away, we can see the movement in the water more clearly?

    • I think colour creates a different type of interest. The contrasts and combinations of colours attract our attention. Pattern and balance are important. In the b&w the emphasis is on shape, line and rhythm, hence the movement becomes more apparent.
      Or maybe I’m trying to find an explanation for what I instinctively feel!!

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