Courting Coots

It’s Springtime down at the reservoir  and the coots are responding, as guided by nature.  They are not normally particularly ‘showy’ birds but their courting and mating ritual is quite a lively affair (no pun intended!)

The first encounter: ‘Hello.  Do you swim here often?’

Getting acquainted: ‘You’re a fine looking bird.’

An intruder arrives:  ‘Go away!  I saw her first.  Scoot, Coot!’

Whoops!  Hey, what’s going on?

‘OK!  OK!  Enough!  I submit.’


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12 responses to “Courting Coots

  1. I’m smiling ear to ear!

  2. Nice series that tells the story.

  3. Noeline Smith

    Definitely a ‘script’ to make you smile 🙂

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