A few more birds

The dunnock and the robin are among our most common and friendly garden birds.  Both are small and the robin is noticeably much smaller than his American cousin.

In the sheep field are the larger birds; the jackdaws, a kestrel, a red legged partridge and a magpie.  They are less keen on the camera’s presence and it will be obvious from the quality that these pictures were taken from some distance.  Indeed, the kestrel was perched on a tree guard more than 100 yards away.

The jackdaws, who regularly visit in groups of 6 – 10 at this time, are gathering dried grass for nesting.


The red legged partridge came to the edge of the field but, disappointingly, always remained partly concealed by the bars of the fence.




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4 responses to “A few more birds

  1. You did very well to get such a good one of that partridge as they are notoriously difficult.

  2. I’m so surprised to see “your” robin. Looks quite different than “ours”. Love to see the birds!

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