About lines and textures

I was attracted by the contrasting textures of pebble, seaweed and sand,

and by the simple, abstract hieroglyph of a strand of seaweed.


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4 responses to “About lines and textures

  1. These are striking in their simplicity – and they hover on the border between realistic and abstract, which I think can be a good place to be.

    • Thanks Lynn. It is indeed a very good place to be – I spend a great deal of time there. I tend to see the world in terms of patterns – whether regular or abstract – and to look for relationships either between object and object, or object in space (as in these images) The objects then are no longer real, they are component elements within a pattern seeking to evoke an appropriate response within the viewer.

  2. The simplicity of these is lovely. This post prompted me to return to/find your earlier beautiful seaweed posts. You have created some wonderful images and the ‘characters’ you find in them are perfect.

    • Many thanks Noeline. The simple can speak volumes and is a constant source of interest to me. You have referred to the earlier seaweed posts and you saw the recent ‘Less is more’ and ‘Keeping it simple’. I have also donecountless posts on grasses in a variety of seasons and moods. Yes, simple is good!!

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