The day the starlings came

There was something ominous, something almost sinister about the arrival of the starlings  –  something that revived memories of Hitchcock.  They came in waves, wave upon wave, thick clouds of black dots swirling in the breeze, before they alighted in the top branches of every available tree.  Their energies restored, they flew down to the sheep field which they attacked with the vigour and enthusiasm of an over-charged vacuum cleaner  –  much to the consternation of the resident bird population.


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8 responses to “The day the starlings came

  1. They do tend to take over. But the communication between them is almost scary.

  2. They are rather beautiful when you get them up close though..

  3. We never seem to get any decent ‘gatherings’ round here – much to my disappointment.
    That first shot is great! I love the patterns in it and the way it aaaalmost has letters like those annoying on line ‘security’ things when you have type in the words you can barely make out!

  4. Your images are wonderful, Louis. I love watching them soar together but they are bad for pushing around the smaller native birds!

    • I agree Karen. They are bullies. I showed a week or so earlier how the less aggressive birds moved aside for the starlings. There really is a pecking order!

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