More Scilly Rocks

Except for the Nag’s Head, included in yesterday’s selection, most of these rocks seem to lack any local name by way of identification.  Indeed, only two of the pictures  have appeared in any ‘gallery of images’ or literature about St Agnes that I have seen.  I find this very surprising.

In the absence of any acknowledged alternative, I have always referred to the first picture as the ‘Mysterious Feline’.  The second is a Troll-like fellow or, perhaps, a puppet.  In the third, I see a lizard (or similar creature) emerging in search of food or sensing danger.  The fourth is clearly a prehistoric tortoise!

Seren 12c


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16 responses to “More Scilly Rocks

  1. Hi….Would it interest to you to do a guest post on my blog? I was compiling a series of “unposted letters”…the ones you wrote/wanted to write to your mother/teacher/neighbor/boss/friend/ex but did not.. There is no need for names, you can address them to “an inspiring soul” or “a long lost friend”..
    Let me know if you’re interested
    Best Wishes!!

    • That’s a very kind invitation Sakshi but at this time I’m going to decline. However if you wish to reblog anything from my site I am happy for you to do so, subject to the usual recognition of the source of origin. Good luck with your venture.

  2. Gigi Galore

    I am reminded of “the never ending story” a beautiful tale of heroics and vivid imagination. Your tortoise played a starting role! 🙂

  3. Glorious saturation! Fantastic pics!

  4. Spot on with the tortoise!

  5. The first and last ones are just great! Both very different but with beautiful mood.

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