Scilly Rocks

Several months ago, I wrote about the Isles of Scilly, located almost 30 miles off the south west tip of Cornwall:
‘In addition to their natural beauty and evidence of earlier cultures  –  such as the standing stone on Gugh and various cysts and burial chambers from the Bronze Age  –  the Isles have an air of mystery about them.  Especially St Agnes.  Granite outcrops suggest strange creatures from a fantasy or mythological world  –  giant lizards, serpents, turtles, birds of prey  ………   You are never alone on St Agnes!’

I am returning to the topic.  I have since remastered the original photos in an attempt to capture a little more of the magic and mystery of the rocks. I intend to post the results today and in my next post.  All of the pictures are from St Agnes.  The background context to the images can be found at The Isles of Scilly and The Two Faces of St Agnes.

The first image was not actually used previously. It is a natural outcrop, known locally as the Nag’s Head, and seems to have been used as a standing stone in the distant past. In my wife’s novel, Narwhal, it is the focal point for a pagan ritualistic dance.


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15 responses to “Scilly Rocks

  1. funny: a giant, a reptile, a something – I like it.

  2. I like the way you have processed these pictures, Louis. The grungy and rough expression fits the pictures perfectly and adds both atmosphere and a feeling of otherworldly.

  3. Gigi Galore

    Your wife’s novel!!! … Gotta go, gotta take peek …!:)

    • Gigi Galore

      Wow! You are both artists! These pictures are very beautiful Louis! I see so many friendly, weird creatures! Gorgeous!

    • Thanks Gigi. I’m sure you’d enjoy Narwhal. It was written for young adults but has been well received by all ages. There is a link to my wife’s site at the foot of the column on the right.

  4. Hi Louis – For me, the second one works the best at getting at the mysterious feeling. What an interesting place –

  5. Very special rocks. Fantastic.

  6. I agree with blue brightly; the second image superbly conveys the message of mystery, age and drama. Great post processing!
    The third rock looks like a hybrid frog/mole (is that a frole or a moog?!) or a snub nosed alligator!

    • I find it extraordinary that these rocks, centuries old and full of mystery, seem not to have appeared on any postcards and, other than the Nag’s Head, have not been given names. I suppose the truth is that once they have found a home in your consciousness you create your own identity for them and an associated context of mystery. On an island where there is no ambient lighting from street lights or large buildings, a fertile imagination finds ample sustenance!

  7. Love the middle one. Something ready to leap, maybe? Your processing is fascinating.

    • Thanks Karen. I’m pleased you found them interesting. I experimented a good deal in a search for processing to complement the character of the rocks.

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