Oh, no! My Spring has disappeared!

Several times recently, half promises of an early Spring have been dashed by the fickle UK climate.  For example, after a comparatively mild week, we were greeted yesterday morning with sustained heavy snow showers.  On the plus side, the coating of snow on the trees emphasised the patterns and shapes quite beautifully.

(Click the image to enlarge)

In the flower borders, the early Spring flowers struggled valiantly in their search for air and light as the snow deepened.



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9 responses to “Oh, no! My Spring has disappeared!

  1. Indeed, we were on the same page, except I’ve no flowers to showcase yet:) These are all quite beautiful.

  2. Well, they’re very nice pictures….and more coming? You’ll have lots of great snow photos anyway.

  3. The flower shots are great – particularly the middle one (I’m no horticulturalist!)

  4. Gigi Galore

    Those poor, wee crocuses! It is hard to believe another climate and weather pattern exists elsewhere, now that we have moved continents. That’s how fickle I am. 🙂

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