Barbara Hepworth: And finally ….

The pictures taken in the Hepworth Garden were of complete sculptures.  But it was Hepworth’s wish that the viewer should get close to the work, walk around it, approach it from different angles, explore the textures and contours within contours.  Recall her words: ‘Everything I make is to touch.’

The images below are details from larger sculptures.  They explore texture, colour and line.  Indeed, several of these pictures create superb, free-standing abstract compositions in their own right.


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6 responses to “Barbara Hepworth: And finally ….

  1. I really like the detail shots. Even though I can’t experience the entire piece in the detail, it seems to tell me more.

    • While it is necessary to provide an overview of the sculptures it is particularly valuable with a tactile sculptor like Hepworth to zoom in and experience the textures and colours, and also the varying perspectives. The trademark ‘holes’ too become much more meaningful.

  2. I love these detail shots and agree with elenacaravela that they speak to me more. your comment about the holes having more meaning is interesting too – and perfectly illustrated by your last image which I find incredibly powerful.

    • Thanks Noeline. Obviously it is impossible to do justice to the sculptures within the constraints of a blog, but it feels good to be able to share with others my enjoyment of Hepworth’s work.

  3. Gigi Galore

    Beautiful Louis! the images are meant to be touched and photographed like you have photographed them so that it feels like we are touching them! Hello, btw! 🙂

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