Visitors at breakfast time

It is not uncommon for us to have an array of visitors at breakfast time, some in search of food others seeking a quick shower! A collared dove looks on.




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8 responses to “Visitors at breakfast time

  1. mm5434

    I love your post…….. nice photos…..

  2. those are lovely images, and the resourcefulness of the squirrel made me laugh.

  3. Oh, those squirrels! It’s a daily battle here, trying to keep them away from the birdseed. But it sure is entertaining, isn’t it?

    • You’re quite right Lynn. They’re very entertaining, but the food is put out primarily for the birds. The tits sit in the nearby shrubs waiting for the squirrel to go!!

  4. The squirrels and their antics are familiar to me, as is the dove, but what are the other lovely birds?

    • The bird in the second photo is a Great Tit. The similar one in the next picture is a Blue Tit. (The Great Tit is a little larger then the Blue Tit and has a black bar down its breast. The Great Tit has a blck cap and the Blue Tit blue). The bird with the Blue Tit is a female Chaffinch. The more brightly coloured bird in the next picture is a male Chaffinch. The bird taking a bath is a female Blackbird (The male is black and the female brown!)

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