Spring! Was that it?

We will remember 5 March.  The sun shone brightly throughout the day and the temperature rocketed to a giddy 15°C.  Had Spring sprung?  Had the new season begun a little prematurely?  Nature seemed to think so.

In the field across the lane the first lambs of the year appeared.

Ewe and three lambs

Some basked lazily in the sunshine.

Another shared a meal with two friends.

In the garden there seemed to be an explosion of colour.

But, as I write, it is now 6 March.  Today is cold and dull with rain threatening.  The crocuses have refused to open.  Normal service has been resumed!

Was that it?  Was that Spring?


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4 responses to “Spring! Was that it?

  1. Wonderful – but that’s the way it always is, spring teases us. I love seeing the farm animals, that’s a delight. Is that a little Veronica between the crocus photos? Love that blue! We’ve got sun for a few days here, then it will be back to rain, drizzle, clouds and cool but tolerable temps for the rest of the week, if the weather reports are right. I can handle is as long as I get a sunshine day at least once a week.

    • Last Monday was no tease, it was downright deceit! Since then the weather has got progressively duller, windier and colder and we woke this morning to a covering of snow. The lambs have disappeared from the field. The flowers are firmly shut and seem to be shrinking into themselves for protection. I think you’re right that the blue flower is a veronica. We thought we’d replaced the saponaria lost in the frosts of last winter,but the blue looks more like a veronica. I must check it more thoroughly.

  2. Very much spring. Lovely serie.

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