Man on a bike

I toyed with different titles  –  ‘Stranger on the shore’, ‘Lone rider’ etc  –  and wrestled whether to use colour or black and white.  Eventually I settled on the image below which, I think, expresses what I wanted to capture  –  a solitary figure in a vast expanse of sea and sand: the insignificance of man.

(Click to enlarge)



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8 responses to “Man on a bike

  1. Wonderful Louis and I love the B&W I think it suits the loniliness theme very well

  2. The title is just fine. The image speaks for itself.

  3. Thanks Elena. Simplicity has its virtues!

  4. Great photo! In Dutch this title would be easy there´s a famous old dutch song named ´De Eenzame Fietser´ which means ´The Lonely Biker´ 😉
    Greetings, Ron.

  5. B&W is perfect for this shot, as is the panoramic crop. In addition to the expanse of sea and sand I like the way the tide line ‘cuts’ the figure in two as it adds to the idea of mans’ insignificance.

  6. Thanks Noeline. I’d not viewed the figure in that way – I’d seen him as linking the upper and lower sections, the sea and the sand – but I agree, it does underline further the theme of the photo.

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