Just think about it! (15)


I was reminded of this passage when photographing the snowdrops the other day.

‘We are usually only dimly aware  –  if we’re aware at all  –  of the converging of information from our senses when we experience an event.  We’re so dependent on seeing that we tend to ignore what the other senses are communicating.
The photographer, the poet, the painter, or the composer who is locked into only the visual phenomena of the sunset may miss the heart of what was actually being experienced.’                               John Daido Loori

The challenge for the photographer/painter is how to express and communicate what he/she feels as well as sees.


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8 responses to “Just think about it! (15)

  1. I very much agree with you, Louis. Too often we don’t see beyond the visual impact of an scenery of subject. But if the heart is not involved in the photographic process, we won’t be able to captured images that are more than just a superficial depictions. I love the passage by John Daido Loori.

    • Thank you Otto. I do believe this. Incidentally I met John Daido Loori because I followed up your blog on Different Perspectives of 27 November. I read (on your recommendation) Andy Karr’s The Practice of Contemplative Photography which led me to The Zen of Creativity. Thank you.

  2. Not much more to add. Both you and Otto said it all very well:)

  3. Funny you chose that quote – I met Daido in 1981. Last saw him in 1992, and he died of lung cancer (he was quite a serious smoker), in 2009. A good and very dedicated person. Communicating what you feel instead of only what you see takes it to another level, don’t you think? Your photograph above is beautiful – it’s certainly not an average sunset.

    • My introduction to the writings and thoughts of Daido Loori has been very recent – through ‘The Zen of Creativity’ and various YouTube clips. I believe strongly in the importance of the feeling response in photography, both when creating and appreciating. But communicating feeling through the visual image is seldom easy.

  4. Very true. ‘Feeling’ a moment or experience is one thing – but capturing that feeling is something quite different. When you manage it though, you KNOW you’ve done it and the photograph is that much better for it.
    Apart from the ‘grab’ shots (I’m sure we all have them!) I tend to spend time trying to absorb what I feel before setting up a shot. I find slowing down in this way also helps with the whole process of taking a photograph.

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