The Chair

The title has been chosen with care.  It is not a chair, it is the chair.  It is the chair to which my wife believes me to be too deeply attached!  It is here that I sit and think, reflect, read, ponder, cogitate, write, create pictures, and generally wrestle with the ills of mankind.  This sanctuary of enlightenment is surrounded by a world of oblivion and outer darkness.  A less kind interpretation is that this is my bolt hole  –  a place of escapism!


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3 responses to “The Chair

  1. Great idea to immortalize the spot that’s oft taken for granted – and wow, what a lot of color on that chair!

  2. Many thanks Lynn. Awareness of the mundane is a practice I try to cultivate on a regular basis. To express the experience in a meaningful way (eg., offering a personal perspective) is not always easy and the result can be trite.

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