The Canary Islands were formed as the result of volcanic activity but, more specifically, the Timanfaya  National Park, covering an area of 50 sq klm, was created during a series of eruptions between 1730-1736.  Because of the absence of rain and other erosive factors, the scenery today remains much as it was at the end of that period.  The lava flow was dramatic and swept away several villages yet, strangely, there were no fatalities.  The extent of the lava field is quite apparent and there is a clear demarcation of where the devastation reached.

The Timanfaya National Park is noted for its strange ‘lunar’ landscape.  There are vast areas of ‘clinker’, but in other places the texture reflects the solidified lava streams.



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6 responses to “Timanfaya

  1. Oh yes, the textures are marvelous-so are the blues and violets.

  2. These are beautiful tones, Louis. There is a surprising amount of colour in that close up of the lava. Amazing!

  3. Thanks Karen. I’m pleased you enjoyed them. The artist was Nature, I was merely the recorder!

  4. Lovely photos 🙂 We had a wonderful time during our stay in 2008, including a mountain tour (did seem like we were on another planet!)… http://europeanholidayreviews.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/atlantis-las-lomas-lanzarote/

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