Icicle sketches

I confess that only in the last few days have I appreciated the fascinating texture of icicles.  They have previously been cumulative fingers of frozen drips of water.  Glassy and attractive  –  end of story.  But not any more.  My discovery encouraged me to assemble a collection of icicle ‘sketches’  –  photos chosen to reveal the texture.  Look closely at some of the ‘totem pole’ images.

Click to enlarge the photo


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12 responses to “Icicle sketches

  1. Magical. You’ve managed to reveal both the strength and delicacy of the icicles.

  2. Thanks Elena. I really appreciate your comment.

  3. Beautifully seen and captured. I like the simplicity and the colours of the photographs. My favourite is the second from the top. Well done, Louis.

  4. Many thanks for your constructive comments Otto.

  5. Gigi Galore

    The ice is moving … ! 🙂

  6. The second shot is intriguing – an abstract image of abstract images!

  7. dana

    beautiful icicles! very unusual to see in England – my granddaughter adored it!

  8. An 11 yr old girl 💜🐱


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