‘Oh, what a beautiful morning!’

Following so much persistent rain it was a joy to wake on recent mornings to the picturesque, magical landscape provided by a dusting of snow and a heavy hoar frost.

Click on an image to enlarge

Yesterday morning the scene was enhanced by a veil of fog.



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12 responses to “‘Oh, what a beautiful morning!’

  1. These images are SO beautiful! My favorite is the cluster of three trees. The middle tree in that photo has a lot of character!

  2. These are beautiful – and I like the first, the third & the fifth best. The third has that Chinese feel to it, the way the branches reach around. Looks like you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Gorgeous! That third image is Fantastic!

  4. Gigi Galore

    Yes, truly beautiful! In my opinion, snow is a saving grace 🙂 For it’s beauty 🙂

  5. The snow has been great hasn’t it? ….. and lucky you to have a hoar frost as well!
    I like the fifth best as the three trees seem to have such different characters and they stand out well from the background.
    I also like the sixth for its dreamy, minimalist look.

  6. Thanks Noeline. I appreciate your views and comments.

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