Yes, a fantasy  –  a composite picture created by combining two layers of images taken from different sources.



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14 responses to “Nightmare

  1. Bubbles ‘n’ Bosch? Definitely has the eww factor!

    • Thanks Lynn. That’s a very good call! The figures were taken from a crumpled up theatre review and the bubbles were from a photo of a Caithness paperweight (which I’m sure I shall use again). I too felt a strong Bosch connection and share your reaction!!

  2. This is so interesting, really captures the colours within the image. Get blog! Have a look at mine and see what you fancy! Thanks

  3. I wonder how you do that, is just amazing! Thanks Louis!

  4. Thanks Sydney. It’s done by using Photoshop and combining two or more images.

  5. Louis, I see sooo much here that you’ve got my imagination all fired up! Also love the image for it’s own sake!

  6. Thanks Elena. There’s a lot going on in this picture despite the fact that I was initially intending to create just an abstract image!

  7. A great composite image. It does have some devilish about it, with skeletons (or whatever it is) and the feeling of destruction it emanates. I love all the details you can get lost in.

  8. That is quite a successful nightmare, Louis.

  9. Very effective – a great experiment!

  10. Yes, it’s interesting to experiment with only limited control over the outcome!!

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