Puddles on the roof

The day had been wet, dull and generally miserable.  Not a day for venturing out with a camera.  But when I looked through the bedroom window my attention was drawn to the patterns caused by rain falling into the puddles on the flat roof of the garage below.  There is always a picture worth taking somewhere!


Filed under Abstract photos, Minimalist, Nature, Pattern, photography, Texture, Uncategorized, Water

7 responses to “Puddles on the roof

  1. Gigi Galore

    These are lovely! I think the lesson is that if you stay in bed long enough, anything can happen. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Terrific presentation Louis! The composition keeps the raining alive, almost animated. Wonderful!

  3. I agree with Elena – using the nine squares format somehow echoes the idea of constant rain & multiple puddles.

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