Squirrels! They drive me nuts!

Each day we put out nuts for the birds.  The feeder is suspended from a hook on an isolated metal rod. Even so, the squirrels climb up the rod and unhook the feeder so that it falls to the ground where it is even more accessible!  But the feeder is round and however much they push it around the nuts remain at the lowest point and furthest away from the side and virtually impossible to get at.  Meanwhile the blue tits look on  –  resenting the intrusion and waiting their turn.


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9 responses to “Squirrels! They drive me nuts!

  1. Gigi Galore

    Ooh, this makes me laugh so much! 🙂

  2. Oh – but they’re so cute! Actually we had a similar problem except that our squirrel family (yes – family!) devoured all the sunflower hearts. I found a way to ‘fix’ them (full description of how can be provided if you’d like!) but then felt sorry for them so put out a small feeder of peanuts especially for them 🙂

    • Louis

      Yes, they are cute. But we too have a family of squirrels plus their friends and neighbours!! But, if I’m really honest, I think we enjoy trying to outwit each other. It’s just that I feel sorry for the blue tits!

  3. We feed everybody who comes. Going broke;)

  4. We’ve conquered half our squirrel problem – as long as we put out suet with red pepper, the birds are fine with it but the squirrels wont touch it. I’ve tried sprinkling red pepper on the seed though, and it doesn’t work. For now, we’re “sharing”. Squirrel-proof feeders run $50, which is more than we’re willing to do.

    • Louis

      That’s an interesting suggestion. My neighbour puts out suet, but that seems to attract larger birds – crows and magpies – and certainly I’ve seen the squirrels on her feeder from time to time. Presumably she’s not using the red pepper ‘supplement’. I’ll need to get a different feeder for suet balls. Thanks.

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