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My pencil and I

Persistent bad weather, combined with disruptions caused by various festive activities, has created an opportunity for me to take time out to think afresh about my photography.

For example, I have recently been reading about ‘contemplative photography’ and, in particular, the need for a photographer to be visually aware of the immediate environment.  Sitting back, and mulling over this and other related thoughts, I looked a little more carefully at the clutter of items on my desk  –  not merely what they were but where they were, their shapes, relationships, patterns in the chaos, reflections and shadows etc.

I used a cutout frame to visually isolate portions of the scene.  By moving the frame around I was able to expose a plethora of images and patterns.

Spoiled for choice, I chose from the collection my pencil, accompanied by its shadow.

But that pencil is far more to me than an object to be photographed.  We have been together for several years, during which it has been the conduit between my brain and the written word.  It has its own memories, its own secret diary.  I have difficulty with typing directly at the keyboard  –  I need to feel first the flow of pencil on paper.

At times my pencil has watched on, frustrated by my inability to find words to adequately express my thoughts.

How can I convey this in a picture?


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