Early morning

I have to confess that I am not naturally a particularly early riser but occasionally, possibly in response to my guilt feeling,  I make a special effort, and the results can be very rewarding.   As can be seen below,  in those early hours the light is soft, surfaces glisten, the shadows are long and the air is silent.  It is a magical time.

At the rear of the house the early rays illuminated the tombstones in the neighbouring churchyard.


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6 responses to “Early morning

  1. you are so right! once you get outside, you’re like, ‘why wasn’t i out here half an hour ago?!!!’

    i’ve been struggling with a large painting for the past week. one day it wins, one day i win; we’re evolving together. some nights i work til ten; other nights til two-ish. and then i sleep til eight or nine – so unlike me!

    i’m ready to reclaim those ole work/sleep patterns! your post reminds me to ‘finish up’ the painting and restore those sleep habits!

    great images.. the cemetery one is my favorite.

  2. Thanks z. Its not often I manage to influence someone to change their habits for the better – even inadvertently!!

  3. Gigi Galore

    I too like mornings _ I just wish they would put them at a different time of day. 🙂

  4. Oh yes! Early morning light is fleeting, but the whole world feels like it belongs to you, for just a little while.

  5. Absolutely so, Elena – but I have sympathy with Gigi who would like mornings to be a little later!!

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