The Gate Part 2

Three more images celebrating our new relationship!


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12 responses to “The Gate Part 2

  1. Delightful close-ups. My favourite is the first one. I like the harsh contrasts and the blown out colours. It has a very nice abstract quality to it.

  2. I agree with you Otto. Of the six images that is my favourite.

  3. A great series Louis! I trust that you now know each other pretty well:)

  4. I’m sure we’ll meet again in the near future!!

  5. I agree with Otto too.. I love that top image..

  6. Gigi Galore

    well you don’t look the same here … 🙂

  7. Remember, my appearance has been changed this week!!

    • Gigi Galore

      You mean … ahh, I remember … but I won’t remind you by spelling it out. But with love and respect, enjoy your soup! 🙂

  8. Thanks Gigi. I can smile again now!

  9. It seems I’m in with the majority and the top image is great. Mind you, I think the second one is pretty close to a draw!

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