The Gate – my new friend.

‘We are not interested in the unusual, but in the usual seen unusually.’   Beaumont Newhall

I pass through my garden gate several times each day.  In fact, we’ve been passing acquaintances for many years!   But this morning I did something I had not done before.  I felt it was time I got to know my gate better and so I stopped and, I suppose, really looked at the gate for the first time.  Despite its age it is in excellent shape with attractive curves, even though its joints are rusty and its skin needs more than a touch of conditioner.  Clearly I have been neglectful and have not given the gate the tlc it deserves.

Nevertheless, to celebrate the occasion I took a series of photographs and will be sharing them with you today and tomorrow.


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14 responses to “The Gate – my new friend.

  1. The gate is very attractive, and the first pic is out of the everyday perspective, for sure.

  2. Great quote! It’s amazing how much interest and beauty can be seen in everyday things if we just open our eyes.That first shot is very striking.

  3. rynnasaryonnah

    Wonderful quote!

  4. The poor thing is indeed in need of a bit of TLC 😉

  5. Gigi Galore

    Are you and the gate the same being?I thought the gate might be a metaphor …:) My skin definitely needs conditioning some days! 🙂

  6. That metaphor is still to come Gigi. Watch for an interesting cloud formation.

  7. No3 has musical images coming to mind.


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