Jewel of Nature

At this time of the year, the morning after a night of dense fog is a good time to go in search of spiders’ webs laden with dew.  Droplets of moisture collect on the silken threads, each one forming a perfect sphere.  Larger drops are created where the threads meet, whilst diminutive spheres space themselves at regular intervals along the thinner strands.  Each glistens like an orb in a dance hall.  Collectively they resemble a hugely expensive necklace  –  Nature’s jewels.  Yes, there is an initial WOW! moment, but stay a little longer  –   really look and see.  It may well be an awe-inspiring experience.



Filed under Abstract photos, Nature, Pattern, photography, Sunlight, Texture, Uncategorized, Water

5 responses to “Jewel of Nature

  1. Love the white on black – it really shows off the drops beautifully.

  2. Thanks Noeline. You’ll not be surprised to learn that it took a great deal of care and patience to remove all of the initial noise!

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