Sunlight and shadows

As autumn encroaches the foliage on the cotinus becomes less dense and allows the sunlight to filter through, casting shadow patterns on the leaves beneath.  Textures and colours become prominent.  Fleetingly, illuminated abstract patterns emerge, contrasting with the shadowy surroundings.


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10 responses to “Sunlight and shadows

  1. Very nice. I like the composition, the details and how the light is used to get the colours.

  2. Great photos, love the leaves patterns and great use of light and dark!

  3. These are perfect Louis! So many layers of interest.

  4. Gigi Galore

    It looks sunny … you must have taken these between ten thirty and and three fifteen when the sun i still up and before we are all plunged back into the darkness. Where is my torch, btw? 🙂

  5. Yes, you’re right, but you seem to be getting longer hours of sunshine in Edinburgh than we’re getting in the Midlands!

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