Life with bubbles

The fountain in my small garden pond creates constantly changing bubble patterns.   Not only do the patterns change but so too do the colours, depending on the sky above, the activity beneath the water surface and the reflections from the surrounding trees and buildings.


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6 responses to “Life with bubbles

  1. These are wonderful! The last one in particular has a certain depth and mystery.

  2. There are few more relaxing moments than those spent by the pond, listening to the running water and watching the bubbles form and quickly evaporate. And, of course, the patterns and colours are constantly changing.

  3. Gigi Galore

    The first one looks like turtles have moved in. IT also looks like a lovely home, or plunge pool, for frogs! 🙂

  4. It’s strange that bubbles are actually so light and airy, and yet when photographed they appear solid – almost like floating ball bearings, or even turtles!

  5. Those bubbles do look so very thick.

  6. I constantly have a battle with bubbles and raindrops – I have not mastered the art of making them light and airy, they always appear to be solid. Raindrops on leaves easily become mercury on glass!

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