Seaweed doodle dancers

The first picture below was taken at the same time as the other ‘seaweed doodles’ I have posted previously.

The picture is mildly interesting at best, but I had spent quite some time in removing the background clutter and I had hoped for better.  I played around further, rotating the images and, by just adding a little colour, created the wild dancers/revellers of the second picture.


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4 responses to “Seaweed doodle dancers

  1. I was first intrigued by the title, but you did not disappoint!

  2. I think finding the right title is important to the viewer, but it’s not always easy!!

  3. Great idea! I think this has enough potential to follow up with it.

  4. I’m always fascinated by the patterns of seaweed when the tide recedes – and there is invariably scope for the imagination!

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