The Cotinus in Autumn

For lovers of colour and texture in the garden there are few more rewarding shrubs than the cotinus.  Throughout the summer and early autumn it bears foliage that is first a deep purply red, becoming redder later.  As autumn progresses skeletal patterns appear (as can be seen in the first picture below) then, gradually, the rich colour drains, leaving behind a myriad of delightful pastel shades.

These two photos are from the same shrub and were taken a few days ago, within a minute of each other.  The first is of the top growth, exposed to the sun.

The second is from the lower shaded branches.  Unless there is a severe frost the upper growth too will adopt a similar colour range during the coming weeks.





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4 responses to “The Cotinus in Autumn

  1. Isn’t it mind boggling? That second image hosts surprises on every leaf.

  2. True Elena. I think everyone should have a cotinus in their garden!

  3. Gigi Galore

    Oh woW!!!! These are so beautiful Louis, what a beautiful plants!!! 🙂

  4. Thanks Gigi. I’ve suggested to Elena that everyone should have a cotinus in their garden – and I’m sure they grow in Australia too!!

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