Just think about it! (14)

‘Art does not reproduce what we see, rather it makes us see.’    Paul Klee

From personal experience, do you find this statement to be true?


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6 responses to “Just think about it! (14)

  1. A resounding positive! I suspect artists using different artforms view the world/their world differently.

  2. I think this is probably a true statement: for instance according to research being done by the likes of Jay Neitz a professor of ophthalmology at the University of Washington: we don’t all see the same colour.
    If I understand his theory correctly; when I see a colour, it is not necessarily the same shade you see. In fact colour perception is probably learnt as the eye/brain becomes aware of the world around it.
    I think this can be demonstrated by how people’s reaction to abstract art can be so dramatically different. The true artist, by using a combination of shapes and colours can force the brain to step away from what it perceives as ‘normal’ and thereby rejecting the image. To one of questioning, then ultimately, understanding the visual and emotional stimulus the image gives. So in effect the brain learns to appreciate that stimulus in a new way.
    So yes art does make us see……

    Sorry that is probably more than you wanted – a simple yes would probably suffice.


  3. Thanks David. I agree with you that the nub of the quotation is about the response of the individual, but is not confined to the physical act of seeing. Rather it is about what we notice/observe, how we make sense of what we notice, and how we express that experience. What we notice is very much conditioned by our prior experience. The artist often introduces us to a different perspective, a new way of seeing the familiar – as does the poet.

  4. Another resounding positive from me! Art, which I assume includes photography (!), really opens up your eyes and makes you look at the world differently. It’s a wonderful thing to have discovered!

  5. We’re totally agreed on this!!

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