November morning

Yesterday morning we experienced the first extensive autumn fog of the year.

In the sheep field the trees took on a spectral appearance.

At the local reservoir the mirror-like water and shroud of fog melted into a seamless infinity.

The fruit tree at the bottom of the garden struggled valiantly to make its presence known.


Filed under Colour, Nature, Pattern, photography, Sunlight, Texture, Water

10 responses to “November morning

  1. Gigi Galore

    That is some pea-souper! 🙂 A super one … 🙂

  2. Not great for getting around, but so gorgeous-clouds come to Earth.

  3. The camera is not keen on fog. For focusing it likes a clearly defined shape. But it manages to convey a sense of atmosphere.

  4. Great atmosphere; you gotta love fog.

  5. Actually Rondje I hate fog – except for the purposes of taking photographs. Then I like the mystery, the softness and the silence which, I hope, the pictures convey.

  6. I love a bit of fog myself… 😉

  7. I understand your love of the modern ‘fog’, Helen, particularly in your part of the world where mist over the Fens can be quite magical. I suppose my aversion is deep rooted in my childhood in the Black Country long before the banning of fossil fuels, in the age of industrial smog. It is an experience that lingers on!

  8. I do adore these misty ghost-like landscapes. Stunning!

  9. I would really like to have seen what you would have done in these circumstances. You produce magical results with scenes like these. Thanks Karen.

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