Bonfire Night 2012

So, Bonfire Night is over for another year.  The pictures are of our village bonfire, held on farmland away from property and away from the road.  In two of the pictures the tape keeping the spectators many yards away from the fire is visible.  The firework display was spectacular and properly organised.  An entrance ticket, food and drink could be purchased and, in case of accidents, the event was insured.  I am sure that in all respects the arrangements conformed with the 18 recommendations of the Government’s Health and Safety Executive directive.

But, for me, these occasions are tinged with a degree of regret.  I fear that in the rush to ensure safety we are denying youngsters the opportunity to be directly involved and enjoy the excitement of participation  –  to collect the material for the fire, to make a Guy Fawkes and tout it round the street to raise the pennies to buy fireworks, to experience the taste of burnt jacket potatoes or roast chestnuts.  It has now become a spectator event at which young and old pay to watch and have no feeling of  ownership and achievement.


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6 responses to “Bonfire Night 2012

  1. I know. On one hand, we all need to be safe on the other, experience is a vital to our lives. And, there is often some amount of danger in experience.

  2. I think the French would say ‘C’est un problem’!!

  3. Gigi Galore

    Lovely! Pete says: beautiful reflections of how you feel as well as beautiful photos! Bonfires are wonderful! Toasted marshmallows! Glowing embers! racing fire1 Australia banished the sale and use of fireworks for personal use many, many bonfires ago. We were surprised when we moved here to see them still available!

  4. I think the pictures reflect my memories of the bonfires of my childhood – they were always very happy occasions. It was our fire, our Guy, our fireworks – we enjoyed that sense of ownership. I just hope that, through health and safety regulations, the occasion has not become so sanitized that modern youngsters are denied that feeling of personal involvement.

  5. That looks like a monumental bonfire! I like the small silhouettes and the way you have placed them in the composition.

  6. Sometimes people obligingly place themselves in the right positions – if you wait long enough and take enough shots!!

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