Raindrops on a feather

There is a sequel to yesterday’s post.  Outside, on the doorstep, lay a feather  –  I think it was from a wood pigeon. Now raindrops produce  interesting patterns to add to the natural texture and subtle variations in colour.  This particular feather will feature again in a few days’ time in a different context.  But, for now, let’s just focus on the patterns, the texture and the nuances of colour.


Filed under Abstract photos, Colour, Minimalist, Nature, Pattern, photography, Texture, Uncategorized, Water

7 responses to “Raindrops on a feather

  1. There is gorgeous but “there” was supposed to be these;)

  2. Interesting effect. For some reason at first glimpse I thought it was a car detail.. Feather is nicer.

  3. I understand the mistake. There is a metallic effect.

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