Calm waters

Yesterday’s ‘Evening’ photo was taken in the Shetland Isles, the most northern part of the UK  –  so far north that in an atlas they usually appear in an inset box to indicate that they are further north than the scale of the page will allow.  Below are three more pictures from the Isles.  They capture an idyllic calm of water, rocks and sky.


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8 responses to “Calm waters

  1. So beautiful, especially the last shot.

  2. Gigi Galore

    It is cold in Scotland … it must be SUPER cold here!!!! 🙂 Beautiful colours 🙂

    • Yes, it can be cold, very cold, in Scotland, and it can be very wet too – not to mention the midges!! But I promise you, Gigi, it was quite beautiful during our visit to Shetland.

  3. These are idyllic. The clouds sort of mimic the outcroppings, beautiful.

  4. Thanks Karen. I regularly marvel at the similarity between a landscape and the sky above it. There must be an explanation – or perhaps its just called imagination!!

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