Abstract: ‘Broken Promises’

This abstract pattern is clearly derived from an incomplete or severed spider’s web.  When I created the image it suggested to me a relationship that had fallen apart (hence the title), held together by a tenuous thread.  I chose black and white to polarize the differences and left large areas of black to represent ‘silence’  –  non-communication.

Other titles have since been considered eg., Anti-social networking  –  representing those who choose to resist Facebook, Twitter et alAn Act of VandalismAbandoned  etc.  No doubt you can add to the list!!


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5 responses to “Abstract: ‘Broken Promises’

  1. Gigi Galore

    I’m thinking … ( I love your games Louis!) … hmmm …. now I am just distracted by my ellipses … 🙂 I’ll get back to you … 🙂

  2. It’s really a great abstractions because it opens up for so many interpretations of which you already have pointed to a few. Do you even see the giraffe?

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