The Estuary

Recently my wife and I spent a few days holidaying in South Devon.  By sheer good fortune we were delighted to discover that our hotel room looked out across the estuary of the River Teign  –  a location that attracts a wide range of wading birds.  It was a photographer’s paradise.  The down side was that most of the bird activity took place in the centre of the estuary at a distance  of not less than 150 yards from my vantage point and I was equipped only with a Panasonic compact.  In addition, at low tide the sea receded completely leaving a glossy morass of mud.  The reflected light played havoc with the metering of the camera, often producing  results resembling an ice rink or winter landscape.  Despite these difficulties (resulting in poor quality images) it was clearly a ‘must take’ situation.

Because of their panoramic nature it will be helpful to click some of the pictures for greater detail.

I am always intrigued by the way birds (especially gulls) turn to face the sun as it begins to set.  I can’t identify the smaller birds in the foreground  –  are they sandpipers, or maybe turnstones?


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6 responses to “The Estuary

  1. I love the composition of these pics, the horizontal lines of birds and water and sea shore

  2. I know the feeling when you don’t have what you need to get the shot you want, but these convey the joy of witnessing the moment just as well as any perfect capture.

    • I’m pleased you feel that way. The act of taking these pictures was almost a state of meditation and, despite their shortcomings, they readily evoke the mood of the time.

  3. Sunlight on the Estuary is just lovely, Louis. So many interesting layers in the foreground and all that glinting light. Beautiful.

  4. I value your comments Karen. You will appreciate that my little compact provided limited control over light management. It was a beautiful setting and I was grateful to eventually produce something that I felt captured the sense of place.

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