Colour or Black and White?

I think the choice must be guided by what we are wanting to say about the subject we are photographing.  Take, for example, the two photos below.  They are the same shot presented first in colour and secondly in black and white.  In the first I feel the picture is dominated by the colour.  Yes, I am aware of pattern and texture but, on balance, it is the colour that significantly influences my response.  In the second I am far more aware of the pattern and texture elements  –  the colour does not really enter the equation.  The two shots give quite different interpretations of the subject.


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13 responses to “Colour or Black and White?

  1. Colour on this one – I think the silver and gold contrast is wonderful! The b/w one is lovely, I just, for once, think the colour is more striking!

  2. Gigi Galore

    Colour please! Anything pale yellow (please!) 🙂

  3. They are very different. The bl and wh pulls more of an emotional response from me. The color is lovely to look at.

    • That’s interesting Elena and initially a little surprising. Possibly you find the movement and rhythm in the b & w more energising than the smooth warmth of the gold.

      • Perhaps. I’m also personifying the shapes to see bowed heads. The bl and wh allows for that focus and presents a somber tone.

      • I like your interpretation. I didn’t see it – I was focused totally on the design aspects – but I agree, it provides an emotionally moving reading. There is a lesson there about the dangers of approaching a picture with a preconceived theory!!

  4. Good post Louis: this has given me a conundrum ….. I dream in colour but see the world in shades of grey; certainly when it comes to photography.
    So my immediate reaction was ‘I liked the B&W image’ without the slightest hesitation. But why….? hummm and it isn’t 42….. 🙂


    • That’s an interesting dilemma David. I suspect we all have our own way(s) of seeing the world. I’m very conscious of seeing things in terms of patterns and textures. But this can restrict what we ‘allow’ ourselves to see. See my response to Elena above.

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