A meditation

I first posted this poem in May of last year but, according to WordPress.stats, it has not had a single visitor!  I believe that its aspirations are too important to be ignored and allowed to drift off into cyberspace or wherever.  It is for this reason that I am republishing it  –  in the hope that its theme and thoughts might resonate in the mind and heart of the thinking reader.

Yes, the poet happens to be my wife, but this is not an act of nepotism.  I find the simple verse inspirational and challenging.  I hope you do too.

May I always be open to

New ways of seeing,

To the simple, the fresh, the innocent,

To children’s prattle and ingenuous gaze,

For their truth is nearer the secret of living

Than talk in high places or learned tomes.


May I always be open to

New ways of hearing.

May I roam freely in new avenues of listening

And, whatever my passions are,

May I hear caution, may I hear balance,

And may I mistrust my need to be right.


But may I trust in the open heart,

In my own inner truth,

Unabashed, unashamed,

Not caring what a fool you think I am.

Margaret Gill

Apologies to ee cummins

See http://www.margaretgill.co.uk and I hear music and there’s no-one there


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4 responses to “A meditation

  1. Quite beautiful and oh so true.

  2. Thanks Elena. I will forward your appreciative comment to the poet.

  3. “….May I hear caution, may I hear balance,
    And may I mistrust my need to be right…..”

    Now that is a sentiment that should be writ large.
    Compliments to the author.


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