Seaweed Doodles

The beach at low tide is a treasure trove for the photographer.  Along the high tide line, fragments of seaweed form natural, abstract patterns.  This is nature ‘doodling’!

In the images below nothing has been added and nothing taken away, other than the sand!  Removing the texture of the sand gives clarity to the design.  A little colour saturation has sometimes been used for artistic purposes.


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10 responses to “Seaweed Doodles

  1. snowbirdpress

    These are marvelous!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous. Such expression, movement, color and design. Would love to see these as large format prints or as a series of small individually framed pieces. Either I think, could work beautifully.

  3. Gigi Galore

    Really pretty! Lovely! 🙂

  4. This is a superb collection of almost-etchings. My faves are the bottom three, the first, in my humble opinion, being too much, compared with the simplicity of the rest! Keep goin’ with this style…. ;D

  5. I like the first & second best – they’re wonderful. Keep doing them – I did see the others – so I’ll wait for more –

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