Abstract 128

Pause for a moment and ask what feelings this image evokes and why.  What aspects of the photo prompt your response?  Are there elements that are particularly evocative?  Are the colours more significant than the shapes?  Are there shapes that suggest links to other experiences?


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5 responses to “Abstract 128

  1. In this case, the color and light first capture my attention. I have some immediate recognition of the shapes, but the color throws me at first glance. That in turn attracts me, and I am urged to further explore. Movement is implied, a bit of chaos in the movement, probably felt to be chaotic because of the cool color contrasted with the warm and in some places, complimentary color. I am left with an impression of a crowd scene, even though I understand exactly what this is.
    I am curious to read other responses.

  2. Gigi Galore

    The blue and the yellow – kind of clashy but so alive! And the folding of the leaves, one on top of the other. It makes for rest, peace somehow. 🙂

    • Thanks Gigi. I greatly appreciate responses – to read different interpretations of the same material; to learn how viewers approached the image etc. I’ll come back to my own thoughts later, but let’s see if there are more thoughts first.

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