The Groynes of Winchelsea

Often when I look at a line of disintegrating and decaying groynes I am intrigued by their resemblance to human beings in appearance.  For example, the posts in the photo below  –  closely related to each other through their original function  – are different heights, varying girth, have individual ‘hair styles’ and distinctive, gnarled personal features.  They could well be characters in an identity parade or, perhaps, children in a playground anxious to be picked by a team captain.

Click to enlarge

This second photo I have titled ‘Meet the Groynes’.  Surely we have here a father, a mother and their three children (of different ages)!

Meet the Groynes

See also Cruel Sea, Winchelsea beach


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8 responses to “The Groynes of Winchelsea

  1. Gigi Galore

    hahaha!!!! Oh how gorgeous! And how funny! I COMPLETELY agree with you! Very imaginative thoughts and pictures! 🙂

  2. An interesting family to be sure;) Louis, you introduced me to a word that never registered for me before-groynes. Thanks!

    • As a child I knew them as ‘breakwaters’ – whch I still find preferable because it describes their function – but ‘groyne’ is the technical term.

  3. Very creative! Everything has its own life and history

  4. I like the human reference to these also. And the minimalism of your compositions. Lovely!

  5. Thanks Karen. If only groynes could speak!

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