Drip, drip ……

There is something quite hypnotic about water dripping down a rock face

especially when it splashes into a small pool below.


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4 responses to “Drip, drip ……

  1. Oh yes it is. A few years back there was a fade of personal very small, electronic (bowl side) pools to place in your home to simulate the action and sounds of your natural pool above. Unfortunately, they malfunctioned and didn’t pull off the illusion very well. Nothing like the real thing;)

    • Yes Elena, I remember them well. In fact we still have one tucked away in the rockery somewhere. It hasn’t been plugged in for about 25 years at a guess and was only ever allowed to function for a few months. But the real thing …… now that’s another story.

  2. As the most recent post you made, this is a beautiful thing to click on to! I love the photos, they are just lovely!!

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