Romney Marsh Wind Farm

To the east and north of Camber stretches Romney Marsh, a flat and low lying area covering approximately 100 square miles.  For two centuries or more it has been noted for its special breed of sheep  –  a breed that has adapted well to the wetland conditions.  Dotted through this sparsely populated region are a number of villages and small towns.

But in recent years this quiet, rural landscape has been transformed  –  some would say disfigured, others ravaged  –  by the construction of 26 wind turbines, each 115 metres (377 feet) high.  They occupy an area of, roughly, 4 square miles at Little Cheyne Court.  In such a flat landscape the turbines are visible for several miles.  There has been, and continues to be, a good deal of local opposition to the wind farm.

Click to enlarge.


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6 responses to “Romney Marsh Wind Farm

  1. Whenever I see them they always remind me of something out of an H.G. Wells story.

    • They do seem somewhat anachronistic in our landscape but no doubt the novelty will pass in time. Perhaps the location of wind farms at sea will gain momentum.

  2. I think that it’s a choice. We can either see the turbines as scarring the landscape, or we can see the beauty of the form and the benefits to the landscape through the use of the turbine. I think they are rather lovely. I also think that we will get used to seeing them as part of our future. Your photo is quite beautiful, turbines included.

    • You’re right to suggest that a great deal depends on the mindset of the individual. I recall that sixty years ago we were having a similar debate in relation to the erection of cooling towers. In both cases it is not surprising that the most vociferous opposition came from residents in the immediate neighbourhood.

  3. The image you have posted shows just how these things can dominate the landscape – well taken.
    Personally I hate them: came across my first several years ago on a walk over some beautiful Yorkshire moors. Some of the latest Danish research seems to indicate that we will probably come to regret the investment in such a costly and fickle idea.


    • Thanks David. I think the jury is still out on onshore wind farms. I believe the Romney turbines produce enough electricity for 33000 homes. That doesn’t seem to me to be very cost effective, but I’ve no expert knowledge.

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