Camber Sands

Camber Sands are a stretch of coastline in East Sussex between Rye and the Dungeness headland.  The Sands comprise a flat, golden beach about 5 miles long and provide a favourite venue for kite surfers.  They have been, and are, used frequently for film and TV scenes requiring a desert location.

Although in peak holiday season the beach becomes extremely popular, much of the year, because of its vast expanse, there is ample space to be ‘alone’.  The beach shelves very gently and at low tide it can require a long walk to reach a swimmable depth of sea.

The western end of Camber Sands

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The tranquility of the location evoked a natural, tender response from these two young lovers.


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11 responses to “Camber Sands

  1. Gigi Galore

    What did you do with the rain? I can’t see any … These are lovely, beautiful shots and so romantic:)

    • For five days we must have found the only rain free spot in Britain, other than overnight showers. Then on the last morning there was a brief shower. We watched the TV news in disbelief as the rest of the country sank. Incidentally, the drier weathert also meant the seagulls were in ‘good’ voice!! But it was beautiful and it was romantic!

      • Gigi Galore

        Tell me about it. The last two nights there has been no rain but two seagulls in plenty of voice, if that’s what they call it. It seems ironic. I can hardly believe that I would rather it was raining although I am only (thinking about) praying for night rain, for the peace! 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous area. The beach looks fabulous, no wonder film and TV crews use it. Your photos makes the Camber Sands look very tranquil and attractive. Great work.

  3. Louis, you should head there in the autumn, settle in the dunes with a nice evening picnic and watch the sun go down!

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