The face in the pond

I had taken a few photos of water lily pads after a shower and was playing with them, as one does, when I became aware of company.  There, in the top right corner, was a face  –  a somewhat impish face watching my every move.  I decided to add two red dots to the eyes, perhaps emphasizing his mischievous character.  The dots are the only addtions to the original picture.

Just a little devilish fun!


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9 responses to “The face in the pond

  1. He’s there all right! Love the other water patterns and the veins on the pads too!

  2. I think he may be sticking his tongue out at you?!
    With or without the face it’s gorgeous.

  3. I’m pleased you like it Karen. Thanks.

  4. Very well spotted, Louis–I love finding faces in the natural world!

  5. Thanks a lot for taking the time to include a reference, Louis, but I checked that month and year (your first!) in your archives and could not find the post to which you referred. Can you help me to find it?

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